Yogic Breathing

Breathing Both On And Off The Mat

The breath affects us on biological, mental, and energetic levels, and that reminds us of its importance, not only in Yoga but also when it comes to cultivating balance and peace in our daily lives.

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Yoga During Pregnancy

How Does Prenatal Yoga Benefit Your Pregnancy?

Prenatal yoga helps retain flexibility and strength of muscles and bones in the body that are majorly affected by pregnancy.

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Warrior 1

Warrior 1: Unleash the Strength Within You

This pose is ideal for building the strength of the core, glutes, legs, and feet. It helps open up the chest to allow more room for breathing.

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Yoga Stretch for Digestion

How Yoga Can Help With Weight Loss

If you follow a nutritional plan and practice your yoga exercises regularly, yoga can definitely help you lose weight.

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Yoga Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is the basis for all the others standing postures in yoga and is quite beneficial if you are looking to improve your posture on the whole.

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Volcano Pose

Volcano Pose: Simple Yet Effective

This extension pose, if followed correctly, will help stretch your muscles from the toes to your neck in the most healthy way possible.

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Yoga for Weight Loss

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

One of the more subtle factor that yoga has that will power up your weight loss efforts is its ability to make you focus on your body.

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Yoga Pose - the Low Plank

The Plank Pose

Each pose comes with its own set of benefits and measures differently on the difficulty scale. Of all the yoga poses at the beginner’s level, the plank is probably the most “famous” one.

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Pranayama Breathing

What Is Pranayama Yoga?

You’ll often see the words Pranayama Yoga written together and this gives people the idea that it’s a type of yoga. But it’s really a technique rather than a style and is a part of yoga, rather than a type of yoga itself.

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Yoga for Sciatica

Can Yoga Relieve the Pain of Sciatica?

The primary goal of yoga, if you have a sciatic problem, is to strengthen the area around your sciatic nerve without further inflicting yourself with more pain.

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