The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of Yoga

Yoga not only offers rapid benefits, but it can also lead you to a lasting transformation, as it improves your physical health and mental capacity. It is one of the best ways to improve your overall health without the need to become dependent on the habit of popping a pill.

Yoga Health Benefits

The following health benefits are just a few that you may obtain from the regular practice of yoga.

Yoga Promotes Steady Blood Sugar Levels

A diabetes care study showed that regular practice of yoga, in conjunction with a diabetes care plan, can help reduce an individual’s body mass index while keeping a steady level of blood sugar. The study participants were middle-aged and older adults, and they performed yoga for three months while under a diabetes care plan. They later found they had also shed a couple of pounds.

On the contrary, those study participants (control group) who did not practice yoga were found to have higher levels of blood sugar.

Another important finding from the study indicated that regular practice of yoga can also lead to a reduction of oxidative stress in the body, something which was not seen in the control group who did not indulge in yoga classes.

Yoga Strengthens The Immune System

Studies reveal that yoga can help boost the immune system by stimulating the main physiological systems which include the endocrine, nervous, circulatory and digestive systems. A person needs to perform certain yoga poses that will help bolster the functioning of their immune system.

For example, if an individual wants to stimulate their digestive system, they can perform the bow pose. Therefore, as their digestive system performs better, the same thing will happen to their immune system.

Yoga Bow Pose

In addition, the bow pose, coupled with proper breathing techniques, can greatly improve the mechanical efficiency of the lungs. This is made possible by conditioning the respiratory tract, which plays a crucial role in boosting the strength of, and in increasing the elasticity of, the lungs. It also makes them less susceptible to any attacks made by disease-causing microorganisms.

Yoga Relieves Migraine and Headaches

Although the real cause of migraines is still not yet fully understood, many experts believe that it can be due to several physical misalignment and mental stressors. One common cause of headache among people these days is believed to be the frequent use of cell phones.

Also, people are too often hunching over their computer and other electronic gadgets, while their shoulders are up and their head positioned forward. This kind of body posture causes too much strain as it over-lifts the trapezius and tightens the neck.

This type of posture can lead to severe headache and can trigger several symptoms of migraine. This can be alleviated by performing yoga poses such as the Bridge Pose which helps keep an individual’s shoulders in line with the base of their neck while promoting proper body posture.

Yoga Bridge Pose

Additionally, when a person suffers from severe headache or migraine, they will most likely experience feelings of being less able to perform their usual roles adequately. When searing headaches and migraine occur, a person’s life may be put on hold.

With the help of yoga an individual’s feelings of anxiety and fear, brought about by headache or migraine, can be suspended. As one performs specific yoga poses, they will unconsciously move away from negative thoughts and feelings while restoring emotional and spiritual balance.

So Many Health Benefits!

Here’s a great infographic that shows some of the many physical and mental health benefits of yoga:

The Physical Benefits of Yoga

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