Yoga or Meditation, Which is Best?

Both yoga or meditation compliment each other to maximize your inner peace, mental acuity, and physical balance.

Meditating by the Ocean

Meditation uses the mind to bring about inner balance within your body and mind. Yoga utilizes slow movements to bring the body into a strong and flexible state.

Proper Posture

In order to practice meditation correctly, proper posture is important.  While some may sit on the floor with their legs crossed, others may find it more comfortable to sit in a straight-backed chair.  You may choose to meditate indoors, or take your practice outside into nature. It doesn’t matter which you choose, all are acceptable.  What is important is to sit comfortably, as you’ll want to be very still so that a minimum of energy is used.

In addition, you should have a seat that is neither too soft nor too hard.  Your waist, chest, neck, and head should be held in a straight line.  The diaphragm should support the body.  A tip is to pretend that a string is attached to the top of your head.  Once you pull it, you will maintain a proper posture.

Deep Breathing

Meditation and yoga practices have been practiced in India for centuries.  According to Hindu thought, there are three benefits to be derived from deep breathing, which is practiced through meditation.  The physical body becomes stronger with each breath; the psychological effect of deep breathing restores the mind to a state of calm; and the spiritual effect increases the force that sustains the body, mind, and soul.

Both yoga and meditation, either practiced separately or together, can bring an inner peace as well as the enhancement of the body’s physical energy. Just remember this will be brought about by consistent and daily application.

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